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The Diamond Girl

We've all got a lot of sides, and here are a few of mine for you to peruse.  After a couple years of wandering through America for business and pleasure, I witnessed incredible beauty both in life and landscape.  As I traversed, Facebook no longer suited the needs of social connectivity that it once had.  Now we know it is tracking our every move to fit us into an algorithm.  Fitting into a pattern has never quite suited me, so as I generally do, I'm exiting the crowd, testing new waters out here.  Rather than continuing to muddle through the ads and politics to try and connect, here I am putting my thoughts and experiences out there for all to see.  I use this as a reminder to myself and anyone else interested that we are human beings out to enjoy this world, and as I live life on my Diamond Head corner of it, this diamond in the rough emerges, hoping to shine a little more day by day, post by post.

Thank you for sharing this path along with me and enjoy the stories.


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